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If our story is to be green, if it is to be sustainable, if it is to be equitable – we need game-changing tech companies.

We need the research, the organisations that create and nurture these companies, the founders who lead them, the supporters that invest in them and the community who believes in them.

‘This is such an important piece of Australia’s future that we don’t celebrate at the moment. The whole ecosystem of government, universities, investors and state agencies have not stood together in a coherent way.’
Natasha Rawlings, Uniseed

Going forward, we need innovators to navigate increasing uncertainty. To thrive in a post-pandemic world, organisations will need to be resilient, nimble and better connected than ever – using solutions that Australia’s game-changing tech companies are perfectly positioned to provide.

‘Deeptech is about creating things that help humanity.’
Rachel Slattery, Tech23

BAU is a thing of the past. The pandemic has uncovered a plethora of brand new challenges around productivity and automation; environment, carbon and cleantech; medtech; growing scarcity; edtech and equity and equality and so many more.

Now, more than ever, is the time to amplify the deeptech game-changers that have the power to shape our future.
Since 2009, Tech23 has driven adoption of Australia’s tech capabilities by amplifying connections for young companies and joining the dots between enterprise and clever tech.

In 2020, Tech23 will connect those interested in learning and collaborating with tech game-changers with the potential to solve wicked problems and breathe new life into our environment, economy, industry and workforce.

“Australian startup firms less than 2 years old were responsible for driving the 1.6 million net new jobs created between 2003–2014, while on a net basis, large firms made little contribution”
Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science

Tech23 2020 will have a focus on nurturing a wide range of global, R&D and enterprise partnerships; tapping into the experience and expertise of the Tech23 alumni companies; and running a number of new and exciting satellite events alongside the Conference.

Being held on Wednesday 9 December 2020, Tech23 2020 will be coming to you any which way the future accommodates – in-person in Sydney, watching with others while convened in other cities and/or beamed into your home! We’re also thrilled to announce a number of exciting satellite events including the Immersion Tours and the Tech23 Impact Circles.

We do hope you’ll join us!

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