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Representing the depth and breadth of the Agile community each year, AgileAus is a two-day, multi-stream Conference which brings together over 1200 curious minds to connect, learn and collaborate on better ways of working. Alternating each year between Sydney and Melbourne, AgileAus is supported by the Agile Alliance, the generosity of hundreds of volunteers and encompasses the Conference, workshop days, Activate Agile student event, Agile Encore events and AgileTODAY magazine.

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Tech23 has been shining a light on 23 young high-growth tech companies for the last ten years. Held every year in Sydney, Tech23 brings together a high-calibre audience full of good-will who are interested in being partners, customers, investors, mentors of the 23 presenting companies. With half of the Tech23 alumni companies spun out of R&D organisations, Tech23 is guaranteed to hurt your head as innovations taking on some of our big challenges are unveiled.

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Building a better world requires a magic mix of curious minds, ground-breaking ideas and thoughtful research. With the support of CSIRO, IMPACT7 gathers together an ecosystem of passionate people over one day in Melbourne to spotlight research-led innovations that are solving the big challenges we face.

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A two-day intimate event experience, The Deep Dive comprise a full day featuring in-depth discussions and sharing, followed by a day of selected workshops where attendees hone in on their learnings in even smaller, intimate groups. It offers a unique space set aside from the pace of everyday business in order to generate genuine reflection.

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TeamSlatts acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Countries on which we gather for our events. We recognise the sovereignty, knowledge and community of First Peoples and pay our respects to the Ancestors and Elders who pave the way for future Leaders.

We walk with great reverence on the various places TeamSlatts live, work and visit. Always was, always will be.

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