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Performing under pressure

Ever wondered how the world’s top sportspeople deal with pressure? Dr Ceri Evans has seen the impact of pressure across the spectrum. In his new book Perform Under Pressure, the consultant psychiatrist outlines his strategies for dealing with stress to get you...

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Australia’s future is deep!

Over ten years ago – when the GFC was looming and the Federal Government’s support for innovation was ‘under review’ –Tech23 was born. At the time, Cicada was the main game in town, Sydney Angels was just forming, and the University of Sydney’s Incubate and the University of Melbourne’s MAP were still a few years away from being established.

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Memory lane – Culture Amp at Tech23

Tech23 2019 offers a glimpse into solutions for the big challenges we face in healthcare, food supply chains, security, energy and climate change, our physical and digital environments and aerospace!

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At Tech23, you never know who you might meet!

Over a decade has passed since the first Tech23, and the calibre and goodwill of the community surrounding the event continues to grow. It’s an honour for us to offer this platform as a national runway for emerging deep tech gems from across Australia. We believe the...

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Mapping uncertainty with Simon Wardley

Simon, it was wonderful having you in Australia for last year’s AgileAus Conference. We can’t wait to welcome you back for The Deep Dive in March 2019, where you’ll join Dave Snowden in discussing how organisations and their leaders can deal with uncertainty.

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From Tech23 to a global stage

Many Australian founders aim to take their ideas beyond our shores, making their mark overseas. Below are just some of the Tech23 founders who are driving their companies to become major players on a global stage.  Geoff McQueen (Tech23 2009) is the CEO of Accelo...

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It all starts with an idea…

An undeniable highlight of the past decade of Tech23 has been watching founders’ early visions transform into something much bigger. From bright ideas to brilliant realities — catch up on what these past Tech23 presenters are up to now.Flying highRory San Miguel...

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Top of the class: Tech23 founders excel in EdTech

For ten years, Tech23 has been supporting the growth of scores of deep tech companies, many of which are excelling in the EdTech sphere. Below, catch up on just a few of their latest developments. Dror Ben-Naim (Tech23 2012) has gone from strength to strength at...

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What Tech23 has taught us about the Aussie tech founder

For the past ten years, Tech23 has been a national showcase of the best of homegrown deep tech. Each year, Tech23 introduces a fresh cohort of 23 young tech companies from all corners of Australia and connects them with the right people in the startup ecosystem....

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23 startups to watch: catch them at Tech23 2018!

With Tech23 2018 just over a month away, we are so excited to reveal the new cohort of 23 companies presenting at the event’s tenth anniversary celebration. To mark ten years of spotlighting deep tech gems from across the country, this year’s lineup includes...

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Congratulations to Tech23 alumni company Intersective!

As Tech23 nears its tenth anniversary, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane to see how some of the companies who presented at Tech23 in past years have grown. We didn’t even have to look beyond the headlines to see Tech23 companies thriving and making their...

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